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An introduction:

We invite you to follow us in our journey...

As a boy I grew up looking over our garden fence to watch our neighbours' gorgeous Irish Setter. Over the years I saw this noble and graceful dog bring such joy to her family and I never missed a chance to say hello and let those deep brown eyes look into my soul. Fast forward many years and I finally had the opportunity to offer my home to a new generation of equally lovely Setters.

In 2013 my first setter, an Orange Belton English Setter, came into our lives and turned our house upside down. I got her from a highly regarded local breed specialist and with every intention of diving head first into the show ring myself. Sadly, what with one thing and another, not least the death of my father, that intention was not able to come to fruition and Letty remains simply a much loved and rather mischievous pet. But... the setter bug had bitten...

So, in April 2015, into the house bounced Gemma - aka Swiftlark First Desire, out of Thendara and Lynwood lines. Named for the loveable Irish Setter I grew up next door to, she and I began to learn how dog shows worked and over the years she has become a wonderful mum to two gorgeous litters of puppies, including one from the first litter that we kept and qualified for 2019's Crufts, which was nice! We now have Gemma and two of her daughters from her two litters as well as her first grand daughter and we hope to keep showing and enjoying meeting as many of the other gorgeous setters out there as we can.

In summer 2016 we added Scarlet, our second English Setter. Out of Walshaw and Upperwood lines, she's a gorgeous orange belton. She has been shown lightly and has gradually matured into a lovely dog and is now possibly the calmest of the bunch - not that mischief has been completely banished of course. She is an English Setter after all: gentle, independent but with a twinkle in her eye waiting for the next practical joke she can play on us.

If you meet us in the show ring, please do say hello. We always enjoy a good chat. And please do follow us on our journey on our Facebook page (link below)

Tony White, October 2015

PS: Why 'Paduan'? It's because my parents named me after Saint Anthony of Padua, and the Kennel Club have kindly allowed me to register it as my affix, so here we are!


































We have had some moderate success in the ring. Our home-bred Irish Setter, Paduan Sunny Disposition, qualified for Crufts 2019 on three separate occasions during 2018, and two from our English Setter litter of 2019 - Cilla and Siri - have now qualified for both Crufts 2022 and 2023. Cilla won a first in Yearling at June 2021's Southern Counties Championship show - her first ever outing in any show anywhere - and has gone on to mature nicely in the ring. Siri also qualified for Crufts for two successive years, and also qualified for his Stud Book number in 2022. We now have four Paduan dogs eligible for Crufts 2023, including Gemma with her first qualification as a Veteran, as well as her granddaughter (Romie's daughter). More information will be added to the 'Dogs' page over time.

We hope to continue to build on the success of our show team and we intend to be out on the show circuit more often in 2023 as the pandemic turns into a nasty memory.










We can be contacted by phone on 07427 668744 or via our Facebook page: click here - PADUAN

Local Authority Licensed Breeder - Kings Lynn & West Norfolk, License # 20/01254/AA_NEW